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A step-by-step guide to build the life and business of your dreams

Building the real estate business of your dreams is a journey that requires vision, hard work and perseverance. Jimmy Burgess and brokerage founder Pr... [ Read More » ]

Broker Spotlight: David Ayers, The Agency Cleveland

Find out how managing broker David Ayers and his brokerage are becoming part of the revitalization and resurgence going on in Northeast Ohio.... [ Read More » ]

Warren Dow: From neuroscience to real estate tech whiz

In his latest Snapshot profile, Brandon Doyle interviews Warren Dow, general manager of the real estate division at SavvyCard, about his pivot to real... [ Read More » ]

Women are supporting women on Threads. Should you?

The Threads app has exploded with posts of Women Supporting Women, an effort for growing community and connecting with other like-minded women. Jessi ... [ Read More » ]

Learn the Law of 3, a strategic tool for real estate leadership

You've heard of the Pareto Principle. Take it to the next level with the Law of Three, writes luxury consultant Chris Pollinger, a strategy designed t... [ Read More » ]

5 reasons minority, LGBTQ+ buyers should invest in real estate now

Don't let fear keep LGBTQ+ and minority clients from realizing the benefits of homeownership. Zak Shellhammer offers ideas for becoming an advocate an... [ Read More » ]

RESAAS steps up in midst of Florida insurance crisis

The ever-evolving technology and business services company is offering an “accessible, affordable and award-winning” home insurance plan for agent... [ Read More » ]

NAR argues against setting trial date in Moehrl commission suit

The trade group's attorney says NAR is "still analyzing" the consequences of the Sitzer | Burnett verdict. Judge Andrea R. Wood says Moehrl is a ... [ Read More » ]

The top 10 cities buyers want most are smaller, more affordable

According to a new report from Redfin, relocating homebuyers continue to seek out more affordable locales in favor of big, expensive coastal cities.... [ Read More » ]

Homebuyers seizing the day as mortgage rates continue to slide

Demand for purchase loans picks up for fourth consecutive week, and bond market investors are pushing rates lower on hopes for Fed easing as inflation... [ Read More » ]